To enhance the quality of health care by certifying internists and subspecialists who demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and attitudes essential for excellent patient care.

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Specialty Board Members


Cardiovascular Board

  • Mariell L. Jessup, MD, Chair, Philadelphia, PA
  • Olakunle Akinboboye, MD, Rosedale, NY
  • Theodore A. Bass, MD, Jacksonville, FL
  • Matthew Bosner, MD, Ste Genevieve, MO
  • John Brush, Jr., MD, Norfolk, VA
  • Vincent Bufalino, MD, Naperville, IL
  • Javed Butler, MD, Stony Brook, NY
  • Hugh Calkins, MD, Baltimore, MD
  • Frederick Masoudi, MD, Aurora, CO
  • Susan A. Moore, AGNP, Charlotte, NC
  • Kristen Patton, MD, Seattle, WA
  • Philip E. Stauffer, West Chester, PA
  • Karen K. Stout, MD, Seattle, WA
  • James Tcheng, MD, Durham, NC

Critical Care Medicine Board

  • Naomi P. O'Grady, MD, Chair, Bethesda, MD
  • Paula G. Carvalho, MD, Boise, ID
  • Bruno DiGiovine, MD, Detroit, MI
  • Laura E. Evans, MD, New York, NY
  • Joseph C. Farmer, MD, Phoenix, AZ
  • Ruth Kleinpell, PhD, Chicago, IL
  • Sue A. Ravenscraft, MD, St. Louis Park, MN

Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Metabolism Board

  • William F. Young, Jr., MD, Chair, Rochester, MN
  • Ashok Balasubramanyam, MD, Sugar Land, TX
  • Rebecca Wilkes Killion, Bowie, MD
  • Kati Konersman, MS, Dallas, TX
  • Paul W. Ladenson, MD, Baltimore, MD
  • Susan J. Mandel, MD, Philadelphia, PA
  • Anne L. Peters, MD, Beverly Hills, CA
  • Cacia V. Soares-Welch, MD, Gainesville, GA

Gastroenterology Board

  • Paul Martin, MD, Chair, Miami, FL
  • John I. Allen, MD, New Haven, CT
  • Donna R. Cryer, JD, Washington, DC
  • Thomas M. Deas, Jr., MD, Fort Worth, TX
  • Dianne LaPointe Rudow, ANP-BD, New York, NY
  • Lawrence S. Friedman, MD, Newton, MA
  • Sunanda V. Kane, MD, Rochester, MN
  • Colleen M. Schmitt, MD, Chattanooga, TN

Hematology Board

  • Michael E. Williams, MD, Chair, Charlottesville, VA
  • Diane S. Blum, New York, NY
  • Gerardo Colon-Otero, MD, Jacksonville, FL
  • Elda A. Ford, MS, Media, PA
  • Scott D. Gitlin, MD, Ann Arbor, MI
  • William P. Hammond, MD, Seattle, WA
  • Jennifer K. Morgan, MD, Carmel, IN
  • Mark M. Udden, MD, Houston, TX

Internal Medicine Board

  • Marianne M. Green, MD, Chair, Chicago, IL
  • Eva M. Aagaard, MD, Aurora, CO
  • Heather L. Burton, MD, Golden, CO
  • Roger W. Bush, MD, Billings, MT
  • Yul D. Ejnes, MD, Cranston, RI
  • Geoffrey Hill, Odenton, MD
  • Charles M. Kilo, MD, Portland, OR
  • Robert Sidlow, MD, Mount Vernon, NY
  • Adam R. Silverman, MD, Hartford, CT
  • Asher A. Tulsky, MD, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Jeffrey G. Wiese, MD, New Orleans, LA

Infectious Disease Board

  • Jeanne M. Marrazzo, MD, Chair, Seattle, WA
  • George M. Abraham, MD, Worcester, MA
  • Helen W. Boucher, MD, Boston, MA
  • Antigone Dempsey, MEd, Rockville, MD
  • Joel E. Gallant, MD, Sante Fe, NM
  • Jeffrey S. Rapp, MD, Los Angeles, CA
  • Heather C. Yun, MD, Fort Sam Houston, TX

Medical Oncology Board

  • Richard M. Stone, MD, Chair, Boston, MA
  • Ilene A. Galinsky, MSN, ANP-C, West Roxbury, MA
  • Jill Gilbert, MD, Nashville, TN
  • Ralph J. Hauke, MD, Omaha, NE
  • Albert Craig Lockhart, MD, St. Louis, MO
  • Karen L. Reckamp, MD, Los Angeles, CA
  • Robert D. Siegel, MD, Greeenville, SC
  • Douglas Ulman, Austin, TX

Nephrology Board

  • Jeffrey S. Berns, MD, Chair, Philadelphia, PA
  • Laura Greenberg, RN, Cherry Hill, NJ
  • Andrew S. Narva, MD, Bethesda, MD
  • Rudolph A. Rodriguez, MD, Seattle, WA
  • Suzanne G. Watnick, MD, Portland, OR
  • Jerry Yee, MD, Detroit, MI

Pulmonary Disease Board

  • Serpil C. Erzurum, MD, Chair, Cleveland, OH
  • Kevin M. Chan, MD, Ann Arbor, MI
  • John Allen Cooper, Jr., MD, Birmingham, AL
  • Dean Hess, PhD, Danvers, MA
  • Tommye Lambert, MDIV, Hoover, AL
  • Michael E. Nelson, MD, Shawnee Mission, KS
  • Stanton T. Siu, MD, Oakland, CA
  • Lynn T. Tanoue, MD, New Haven, CT

Rheumatology Board

  • Marcy B. Bolster, MD, Chair, Boston, MA
  • Atulya A. Deodhar, MD, Portland, OR
  • Elana R. Eisner, MD, Willow Grove, PA
  • Salahuddin Kazi, MD, Dallas, TX
  • Kristine M. Lohr, MD, Lexington, KY
  • Robert M. McLean, MD, New Haven, CT
  • David Shuey, MS, West Chester, PA
  • Benjamin Smith, PA-C, Thomasville, GA