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Essential policies and practices for test score validation.


Wiley A. — ACS Ventures

Grosso L. — American Board of Internal Medicine

Sireci S. — University of Massachusetts

Presented: Association of Test Publishers Meeting, March 2016

Abstract: Test score validation continues to be a prominent topic discussed within the measurement community. While debate continues on the appropriate methods for building an overall validation framework, practitioners struggle daily to define and collect appropriate validity evidence for their programs as they attempt to determine how much information they need to provide. At the same time, test users demand evidence for the efficacy of the testing program and expect documentation for the validity of the test scores. To address these demands, testing programs need to consider validity throughout the lifecycle of their programs. This session will review the essentials of test score validation and provide examples of how test score validation should be considered throughout the process.

Using the 2014 Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing as a guide, the presenters of this session will facilitate a conversation on the methods and policies that others use when providing validity evidence. The session will address the following: (1) validity theory and how to build a validity framework, (2) the rights and responsibilities of various testing professionals, (3) effective methods for compiling the data and information necessary to support a validation argument, and (4) best practices for communicating validity data to current or new test users.

For more information about this presentation, please contact Research@abim.org.