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A Web-based tool to improve faculty assessment of trainees’ clinical competency and quality of patient care.


Reddy S and Holmboe ES. — American Board of Internal Medicine

Presented: 14th Ottawa Conference, May 2010

Background: Direct observation by faculty of trainees caring for patients, coupled with timely feedback, helps trainees improve their clinical skills and ensure patients receive safe, high-quality care in teaching programs. However, faculty failed to observe trainees consistently or with sufficient frequency. The American Board of Internal Medicine developed the Web-based Clinical Supervision Practice Improvement Module (CS PIM), which incorporates a Mini-Clinical Evaluation Exercise (Mini-CEX) and an audit of the trainee’s medical note tied to the observation.

Summary of Work: Completed CS PIM and feedback survey data were examined.

Summary of Results: To date, 234 preceptors completed over 2,000 assessments for medical students, residents and fellows. Mini-CEX ratings ranged from 1 to 9, but 70 percent fell between a rating of 6 to 8. Ninety-three percent of faculty reported that the module facilitated their observation skills, 90 percent made changes in their evaluation strategies, 86 percent changed how they provide feedback to trainees and 40 percent changed their own clinical practice.

Conclusions: A unique Web-based tool combining a Mini-CEX and focused audit led to meaningful changes in assessment behavior and clinical care by faculty.

Take-Home Message: The CS PIM helps faculty improve the quality of the assessment processes and assess the quality of care provided by their trainees.

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