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Practice Assessment

Focus. Measure. Change. Remeasure.

The Practice Assessment option for earning MOC points gives ABIM Board Certified physicians the opportunity to participate in activities that help to improve the quality of patient care in their practice. Quality Improvement (QI) projects should include identifying and quantifying an improvement opportunity in your practice, implementing a change to address that opportunity, and measuring the impact of your change.

This MOC requirement is suspended through at least 12/31/2016. See details.

Options for completing Practice Assessment:

Have you recently been involved in a quality improvement activity?

Find out if you can report it with our Completed Project PIM.

Or if you did an activity through an organization, you might be able to submit it through AQI or multi-specialty MOC opportunities.

Are there quality improvement activities sponsored by organizations near you or to which you belong?

See lists of AQI activities or multi-specialty MOC opportunities.

Do you have access to quality data or reports you could use to test a change in your practice?

ABIM's Self-Directed PIM allows you to complete a quality improvement activity using data from reports and sources already available to you.

Do you supervise medical students, residents or fellows?

ABIM's Clinical Supervision PIM supports your focus on education.

Do none of the options above work for you?

ABIM PIM Practice Improvement Modules® help you design and implement a QI plan for your practice and are free of charge with your MOC enrollment fee. PIMs can take 3-6 months so please allow this amount of time to complete them.