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Verification of Credentials

To maintain your Certification, you must be licensed and in good standing.

Verification of Licensure

  • Candidates for Certification and Maintenance of Certification must possess a valid, unrestricted and unchallenged medical license in the United States, its territories or Canada.
  • Candidates practicing exclusively abroad and who do not hold a U.S. or Canadian license must hold a license where they practice and provide documentation from the relevant licensing authority that their license is in good standing and without conditions or restrictions.
  • A candidate whose license has been restricted, suspended, revoked or surrendered in any jurisdiction cannot be certified, recertified or admitted to a certification examination. Restrictions include but are not limited to conditions, contingencies, probation and stipulated agreements.

Specifically for Interventional Cardiologists – See Procedural Requirements for Interventional Cardiologists for an additional procedural requirement.

Substance Abuse

If a candidate or a diplomate has a history of substance abuse, documentation of at least one year of continuous sobriety from a reliable monitoring source may be required for admission to an examination or to receive a certificate. ABIM treats such information as confidential.