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Milestones Framework

In 2007, ACGME and ABIM convened a 33 member taskforce to advance competency-based education by writing milestones for internal medicine residency training. ABIM is pleased to assist in the dissemination* of this draft of the milestones framework. This document is a work in progress, and is not a finished product.

*This does not represent an endorsement of the framework by ABIM. Rather, we would like to assist in the broad dissemination of this work to ensure that the entire internal medicine community has the opportunity to review and provide feedback on the important work of the taskforce.

Taskforce's Charge

The taskforce’s charge was to operationalize the six ACGME competencies with specific behavioral milestones using a developmental framework. Program directors, we anticipate, will ultimately incorporate a future version of the milestones into their evaluation systems to ensure that residents acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitudes for advancing in their training program and entering the next phase of their internal medicine careers.

Taskforce Seeking Feedback

At this time, the taskforce is seeking public comment for this framework. Please take a few moments to review the milestones framework before giving feedback through the survey. The taskforce recognizes that release of this document represents the beginning of a dialog with the internal medicine and graduate education community that will significantly enrich and refine this document.

Taskforce Membership and Participation

  • Membership in the taskforce included program directors, experts in evaluation and quality, and representatives of internal medicine stakeholder organizations.
  • Members participated in the writing process as individual educators interested in advancing the quality of graduate medical education.
  • Their participation did not represent an endorsement of milestones development by any particular organization.


Jane H. Barnsteiner, PhD
Thomas A. Blackwell, MD
Karen Hsu Blatman, MD
Donald R. Bordley, MD
Charles P. Clayton
Thomas G. Cooney, MD
Rosemarie L. Fisher, MD
Luke Hansen, MD
Linda A. Headrick, MD
Kevin T. Hinchey, MD
Holly J. Humphrey, MD
David Karlson
Charles M. Kilo, MD, MPH
Lynne M. Kirk, MD
Catherine R. Lucey, MD
Thomas J. Nasca, MD, MACP
Eileen E. Reynolds, MD
Eugene C. Rich, MD
Paul H. Rockey, MD, MPH
William E. Rodak, PhD
Michelle Sanders, MD
Henry J. Schultz, MD
Lawrence Smith, MD
Abraham Verghese, MD, MACP, DSc
Steven E. Weinberger, MD
Brent C. Williams, MD, MPH

Writing Subcommittee

Eva Aagaard, MD
Kelly Caverzagie, MD
Davoren Chick, MD
Michael Green, MD, MSc
Eric Holmboe, MD
Gregory Kane, MD
Cynthia Smith, MD
William Iobst, MD