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FasTrack® is ABIM's online system for program directors and administrators to track and complete program evaluations for residents and fellows.

FasTrack Redesign

The new FasTrack evaluation system, intended to go live in Summer 2015 for core internal medicine and subspecialty training, will reduce the reporting burden faced by program directors by aligning ACGME's Milestones with ABIM's FasTrack system.

What does this mean for you now?

  • Program directors will need to fill out one additional category in the Winter ACGME Web ADS form: an assessment of overall clinical competence.
  • The Milestones data submitted to ACGME in Spring 2015 will be transferred to ABIM's FasTrack system for ABIM’s Summer 2015 evaluations.
  • To prepare for the transition, program directors must submit all outstanding FasTrack evaluations from prior academic years (2013-14 and previous) in ABIM's current FasTrack system by March 31, 2015.

What can you expect in Summer 2015?

  • In Summer 2015, program directors will review and confirm resident and fellow evaluation data through ABIM's new FasTrack system.
  • The summative evaluations for the six competencies and assessment of overall clinical competence will be used to determine certification eligibility.
  • The ACGME/ABIM Milestones will not be used to make high stakes eligibility decisions for certification; however, ABIM will collect and study Milestones data to determine validity and usability for informing competency assessment.

Fellowship Fee Credit – Evaluation Deadline

  • In order for Fellows (year 1 and on) to receive ABIM Maintenance of Certification fellowship fee credit and MOC points, you MUST annually submit their FasTrack evaluation.
  • Fellows engaged in training are eligible to receive a one-year MOC fee credit and 20 MOC points, 10 points each in medical knowledge and practice assessment.
  • Fellows need only to enroll in the ABIM MOC program to be designated as “Meeting MOC Requirements”.
  • Receipt of the fee credit and MOC points each year allows your fellows to meet MOC requirements while engaged in training.
  • Receipt of the fee credit and MOC points are contingent on ABIM receiving a completed evaluation of clinical competence via FasTrack for each year of training on or before any stated evaluation deadlines.

Contact Us

Questions or technical trouble with FasTrack? Contact ABIM Evaluation Help at 1-800-996-2246, or send an e-mail to