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Multi-Specialty MOC Portfolio Program

The Multi-Specialty MOC Portfolio Approval Program (MOC Portfolio Program) offers organizations with multiple well-designed quality improvement efforts involving physicians across multiple disciplines a streamlined approach to grant MOC points to physicians who are involved in those improvement efforts.

The MOC Portfolio Program website was created by participating ABMS boards to provide sponsor organizations with information about program requirements and policies, and physicians with information about participating sponsor organizations and Boards.

For Physicians

If you are an ABIM Board Certified physician who has participated in a quality improvement effort at an Approved Portfolio Sponsor organization, you may be eligible to earn MOC points. Note:

  • The Portfolio Sponsor will notify ABIM of your participation.
  • 20 Self-Evaluation of Practice Assessment points will appear in your Self-Evaluation Activity Report for the “MOC Portfolio Program” within fourteen business days of receipt of this information from the Approved Portfolio Sponsor.
  • Contact the Portfolio Sponsor directly with questions or disputes about qualifying projects.

For Sponsors

The MOC Portfolio Program website details the process for submitting your organization's quality improvement program. For more information about how to become an Approved Portfolio Sponsor, please contact the program staff.