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Journal Articles Authored by ABIM Staff and Leadership

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Internal medicine program directors' views of the new internal medicine subspecialty match timeline: A change in the right direction.
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Not all (medical) homes are built alike: Some work better than others.
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Board certification in internal medicine and cardiology: Historical success and future challenges.
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In reply-American Board of Internal Medicine and the maintenance of transparency.
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Professionalism and maintenance of certification: Using vignettes describing interpersonal dilemmas to stimulate reflection and learning.
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Ultrasound for internal medicine physicians: The future of the physical examination.
Journal of Ultrasound Medicine. 2014; 33(6): 1005-1011.
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Structuring payment to medical homes after the Affordable Care Act.
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Doing what might be “wrong”: Understanding internists' responses to professional challenges.
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The relationship between performance on the infectious disease in-training and certification examinations.
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Website ratings of physicians and their quality of care.
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Blink or think: Can further reflection improve Initial diagnostic impressions?
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Time to trust: Longitudinal integrated clerkships and entrustable professional activities.
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The 'special obligations' of the modern Hippocratic Oath for 21st century medicine.
Medical Education. 2014; 48(1): 87-94.
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Assessing clinical reasoning: Moving from in vitro to in vivo.
Diagnosis. 2014; 1(1): 111-117.
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Reconceptualizing variable rater assessments as both an educational and clinical care problem.
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When professional obligations collide: Context matters.
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Assessing the effects of the 2003 resident duty hours reform on internal medicine board scores.
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Electronic health records: Design, implementation, and policy for higher-value primary care.
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Engaging physicians and consumers in conversations about treatment overuse and waste: A short history of the Choosing Wisely campaign.
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