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The logbook is a convenient tool for recording procedural skills learned during training. Documentation and verification of these skills is a requirement to sit for the ABIM certification exam, obtain hospital clinical privileges, and in many cases to get hospital credentials. The logbook will help trainees record:

  • Understanding of the indications, limitations, contraindications and complications of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures
  • Performance of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures
  • Interpretation of diagnostic and therapeutic procedure results

Guide to using the logbook:

  • The trainee will fill in the type of procedure performed, date, patient name, and/or medical record number
  • Substantiation of the trainee’s clinical competence in performing procedures is the responsibility of the supervisor (qualified physician/core faculty member). The qualified physician is defined as the individual who is competent to perform, and authorized to teach the procedure; ultimately this individual should attest to the trainee’s competence to conduct the procedure independently
  • The core faculty member will observe, evaluate cognitive and technical abilities, sign the logbook, and indicate whether any improvements are needed in the trainee’s skill set:
    • Cognitive skill is defined as the trainee’s competency in understanding the indications, limitations, contraindications, and complications of the designated procedure as well as interpret the results
    • Technical skill is defined as the trainee’s competency in performing the procedure