• Possess a valid medical license
  • Earn MOC points (points count toward all certificates you are maintaining)
  • Some MOC activity every two years
  • 100 MOC points every five years
  • Pass MOC exam in your specialty every 10 years



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Cardiovascular Disease

The links below outline the details of the Certification and Maintenance of Certification (MOC) programs in Cardiovascular Disease. Products listed below are recommended for this specialty but you may earn points in other ways. The points you earn apply to all certifications you are maintaining.


At the time of application for certification in Cardiovascular Disease, you must be previously certified in Internal Medicine by ABIM.

Learn more about Advanced Heart Failure and Transplant Cardiology, Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology and Interventional Cardiology Certification and Maintenance of Certification.

Maintenance of Certification

You do not need to maintain certification in Internal Medicine to maintain certification in Cardiovascular Disease.

You can begin earning points as soon as you enroll in MOC:

Self-Evaluation of Medical Knowledge

Recommended modules:

Learning Sessions are an interesting and collaborative way to earn points.

View this video from ACC’s Oregon chapter providing information for cardiologists completing the MOC Medical Knowledge requirement.

Self-Evaluation of Practice Assessment

Recommended ABIM PIMs Practice Improvement Modules®:

View the PIM tutorial

Additionally, diplomates can earn 20 points of Self-Evaluation of Practice Assessment credit for many third-party products or institutional programs through ABIM's Approved Quality Improvement (AQI) pathway and/or the Multi-Specialty Portfolio Program.

Recommended Web-based AQI products for Cardiovascular Disease:

Use our Practice Assessment Selector Tool to find other institutional projects or programs approved through the AQI Pathway that may apply to you based on your professional affiliation or location.

If you participated in a quality improvement effort at an Approved Portfolio Sponsor organization, you may be eligible to earn MOC points through the Multi-Specialty Portfolio Program.