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To be eligible for entry into ABIM's Focused Practice in Hospital Medicine Maintenance of Certification (MOC) program you must:

  • be certified in Internal Medicine for at least three years,
  • hold a valid, unrestricted medical license and confirmation of good standing in the local practice community, and
  • not be participating in the ABIM/ABMS Reciprocal Credit for Dual-Boarded Diplomates program.

The FPHM MOC program is not intended for subspecialists practicing in a hospital setting. If you are a subspecialist who also practices as a general internal medicine hospitalist, you may apply to enter the FPHM program but your eligibility will be determined on a case-by-case basis by ABIM.

See MOC section for cost of this program.

Program Entry

If you are eligible to apply to enter the program, a link will appear on your ABIM home page to guide you through the entry process. Sign in to see if you are eligible.

Entry into the FPHM MOC program requires two attestations stating that you meet the practice requirements to be a hospitalist:

The self-attestation confirms that you:

  • Have at least three years of unsupervised Hospital Medicine practice experience at the time of entry (Formal fellowship training in a hospital medicine fellowship program can be counted toward the three-year practice experience criteria), and
  • Meet patient encounter thresholds in a hospital setting (see chart below).

Note: A current Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) certification is no longer required for entry in to the FPHM program.

Attestation by a Senior Hospital Officer (SHO) confirms the information you submit in your self-attestation is accurate. You will need to provide contact information for the SHO during the self-attestation process. Acceptable SHO titles include:

  • Division Director
  • Section Chief
  • Chief Medical Officer
  • Chair of Medicine
  • Service Line Chief
  • Medical Director
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • President
  • Chair of the Board of Directors

Patient Encounter Thresholds

There are two pathways - Direct Patient Care or Clinical/Systems:

Direct Patient Care
(i.e., full-time hospital practice)
Clinical/Systems (i.e., full-time hospital medicine
professional activity with part-time hospital practice)
Requires a minimum of 1,000 hospital patient encounters (limited to one encounter per patient-day) per year for three years, or 3,000 over three years. Requires a minimum of 250 hospital patient encounters (limited to one encounter per patient day) per year for three years, or 750 over three years; these encounters must comprise at least 75% of total clinical activity, and at least 50% of the remaining non-clinical professional time must be directed toward improving the care of hospitalized patients.
  • The patient encounter volume thresholds must be fulfilled in the three years immediately prior to application for entry into the program.
  • ABIM reserves the right to conduct a random audit of all applications to ensure the program's patient encounter requirements are being adequately fulfilled.
  • If you do not currently meet these patient encounter thresholds, you must accumulate them before you can enter the FPHM program.
  • Subspecialists are not permitted to count subspecialty patient encounters toward the patient encounter volume requirements.