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Cardiovascular Disease Certification Exam Tutorial

There are two links within the Cardiovascular Disease Certification Exam Tutorial:

  • The Multiple-Choice Questions component titled: Tutorial for All Examinations*
  • The ECG and Imaging Studies component titled: Special Additional Tutorial for the Cardiovascular Disease Certification Examination only (ECG and Imaging Studies)**

Important Note: In the Electrocardiogram case shown in the Overview of Functional Features section of the Special Additional Tutorial, the answer option Sinus Rhythm should also be marked in addition to Wolff-Parkinson-White pattern.

Download Windows Tutorial | Answer Key
After downloading and installing: Go to Start Menu > All Programs > ABIM Exam Tutorial > Exam Tutorial to launch the tutorial.
Note: May take a few minutes to download.

Download Mac Tutorial | Answer Key
* Mac version does not show how to use strikeout or highlight.
** Mac version of this component does not exist, view the Sample Cases - Electrocardiograms and Imaging Studies (pdf) instead.