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Assessing the state of computer-based simulations for licensure and certification programs.


Song H, Bolen MJ, Lipner RS. — American Board of Internal Medicine

Presented: American Educational Research Association Meeting, May 2010

Abstract: Recent years have seen computer-based simulation assessment as an innovative testing format for licensure and certification programs. This study reviews some applications of computer-based simulation assessment, and discusses both advantages and challenges. Compared to traditional multiple choice questions (MCQs), these dynamic performance assessments provide a powerful tool that measures candidate knowledge and skills with greater depth and breadth, especially for skills not easily measured by MCQs. In the development and implementation of computer-based simulations, however, several challenges must be addressed, including cost, design complexity and demand for sophisticated scoring. With rapid advancement of computer technology and measurement models, computer-based case simulations are feasible and psychometrically sound to implement in licensure and certification programs.

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