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Assessing non-practicing physicians' quality improvement knowledge and practice.


Sares TA, Song H, Bolen MJ, Lipner RS. — American Board of Internal Medicine

Presented: American Educational Research Association Meeting, May 2010

Abstract: The importance of applying quality improvement principles to the field of medicine has grown. We evaluated the performance of 387 physicians who took an interactive learning module on the essentials of quality improvement. The module’s purpose was to provide a self-assessment tool for quality improvement principles with the hope that physicians would apply what they learned to their work. Analysis revealed males performed better than females on describing the issue that needed to be improved and defining the problem. Graduates of U.S. medical schools performed better than international graduates on choosing a specific target to improve, and reconsidering improvement efforts. Approximately 80% of the participants replied that there was a good to excellent chance they would apply what they learned.

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