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Validity in the context of credentialing tests: challenges, successes, and more challenges.


Swygert K. — National Board of Medical Examiners

Grosso L. — American Board of Internal Medicine

Burke M. — National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants

Presented: Association of Test Publishers Meeting, March 2017

Abstract: The purpose of this session was to address challenges specific to the task of gathering, interpreting and using validity evidence on credentialing exams – especially pertaining to the ways in which this validation process differs from the collection and use of similar evidence in the K-12 and admissions testing arena. High-stakes assessment of professionals for the purpose of credentialing is directly related to the protection of the public in the fields in which these professionals practice, and the demonstration of the value and defensibility of these exams often rests directly on the type and amount of validity evidence collected by the test developers. The validation process for credentialing exams can be challenging, due in part to the ways in which credentialing exams differ from K-12 or admissions exams, such as: (1) the purpose, (2) the content, and (3) the consequences for stakeholders.

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