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Exam Results

Spring 2019

Score reports for the following exams are now available through the Physician Portal.

Note: Results are released within three months of the last date of the exam in that area (see Certification Exam Dates and MOC Assessment Dates).

When your results are released, you will receive email notification with instructions on how to access your Score Report through your Physician Portal.


  • Nothing at this time.

Maintenance of Certification:

  • Cardiovascular Disease MOC Exam
  • Cardiovascular Disease Knowledge Check-In Exam
  • Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology MOC Exam
  • Gastroenterology Knowledge Check-In Exam
  • Geriatric Medicine Knowledge Check-In Exam
  • Hematology Knowledge Check-In Exam
  • Interventional Cardiology MOC Exam
  • Pulmonary Disease MOC Exam
  • Rheumatology Knowledge Check-In Exam
  • Rheumatology MOC Exam