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Scharles Konadu, MD  |  Gastroenterologist
Member, ABIM Gastroenterology Board


Take a Tour of the Longitudinal Knowledge Assessment (LKA®)

The LKA is designed with your personal and professional needs in mind: greater flexibility, more convenience, and faster feedback. Watch the LKA platform tour video for a sneak peek.

What you can expect

The LKA is a 5-year cycle during which you answer questions on an ongoing basis and receive regular feedback on how you're performing. As long as you’re meeting the LKA Participation Requirement and any other MOC requirements, you’ll continue to be publicly reported as Certified for your entire 5-year LKA cycle.

The LKA 5-Year Cycle

You should begin the LKA in the year in which you are due for an assessment. The LKA cycle is based on the calendar year, and questions expire at the end of each quarter. Signing up early is a good idea as any expired questions will count against the 100 you can choose not to open over 5 years. You can find your assessment due dates or enroll in the LKA in your personalized ABIM Physician Portal.

Year 1

January 1

First quarter’s questions delivered. Receive 30 new questions each quarter thereafter.

July 1

Begin to receive question history

Years 2-5

30 questions released each quarter; earn 0.2 MOC points for each correct answer.

Receive quarterly progress reports to let you know how you're doing.

End of Year 5
Receive a pass/fail decision. If you pass, you can continue with the LKA; otherwise, you will need to pass the traditional, 10-year MOC exam in the following year to stay certified.

Continue to take questions on a quarterly basis and remain certified.
(As long as you are meeting all other Maintenance of Certification requirements)

You Will Earn MOC Points

In addition to helping you know and demonstrate you’re keeping your medical knowledge current, participating in the LKA has another great feature: you’ll earn MOC points for every question you answer correctly. Here’s how it works:

Step 1

Answer a question correctly

Step 2

Earn 0.2 MOC points

Step 3

Seriously, that's it!


You’ll be offered 600 questions per 5-year assessment cycle, so over time you could potentially meet your MOC point requirement through LKA participation alone. Points you’ve earned will be awarded and added to your personalized ABIM Physician Portal quarterly.


If you participate in LKA for more than one of your certificates you’ll still receive 0.2 MOC points for every correct answer, giving you even more opportunities to earn points. Remember: you only need to earn a total of 100 MOC points over 5 years, no matter how many certificates you’re maintaining.

Available Specialties

If the LKA has launched in your specialty and it is your due year, you will be eligible to start.  Enrollment opens 12/1 for the next year.

All board certified physicians, except those in a grace year, can start participating in the LKA in their assessment due year. Physicians will continue to be reported as “Certified” as long as they are meeting the Participation Requirement, and a decision on their performance is made in the 5th year.

Freedom, Flexibility, and Immediacy

Medicine changes quickly. By participating in the LKA you can take questions on an ongoing basis and get immediate feedback to help keep your medical knowledge current.

With the LKA you will be able to:

Once enrolled, just sign in to your ABIM Physician Portal to access your LKA dashboard and answer questions. 

Access any resources used in practice (except for another person)

Receive immediate feedback with rationales and references for the correct and incorrect answers

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