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ABIM Announces Leadership Change for 2013


Christine K. Cassel, MD to Step Down July 2013

Philadelphia, PA, April 13, 2012 – Christine K. Cassel, MD, President and Chief Executive Officer of the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) and the ABIM Foundation announced today that she will leave her position as President and CEO of both organizations at the end of her current term in July 2013.

“Chris has guided ABIM to increase both the relevance and the rigor of the initial certification and Maintenance of Certification (MOC) programs for physicians in internal medicine and its subspecialties,” said Catherine R. Lucey, MD, Chair of the Board of Directors of the American Board of Internal Medicine. “She has constantly reminded the Board and our community of the importance of putting the patient first by helping diplomates demonstrate their commitment to continuous learning and improvement. I am particularly grateful for the countless hours Chris has spent advocating at the national level for the recognition of the importance and value that board certification has for the public, medical groups, hospitals and CMS.”

“The ABIM Foundation's focus on Medical Professionalism was guided by Chris' expertise and experience,” said Glenn Hackbarth, Chair of the ABIM Foundation Board of Trustees. “She is a brilliant leader who understands the challenges physicians face every day in practice and the importance of providing support to help them live up to the ideals presented in the Physician Charter on Medical Professionalism.”

Since joining ABIM and the ABIM Foundation nearly 10 year ago, Cassel has led efforts to improve the quality of care delivered in the United States. Among her many accomplishments:

  • A strong body of research that assesses the impact and effectiveness of certification and MOC, identifying for the community areas for priority focus.
  • Recognition by the nation's largest health plans, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and health care systems that physicians in MOC should be recognized and rewarded for their MOC efforts.
  • Partnering with academic leaders to advance improvements in education and training of physicians.
  • Through the ABIM Foundation, raising awareness of the importance of professionalism and support of efforts to help physicians live up to the standards embodied in the Medical Professionalism in the New Millennium: A Physician Charter (pdf).
  • Brought focused attention to the role of physicians as stewards of limited resources through the ABIM Foundation's Choosing Wisely® campaign.

“I have always been inspired that ABIM's accountability is both to the profession of medicine and to the public. I believe we have been extremely successful in serving both of these constituencies,” said Cassel. “I have great pride in our accomplishments and great confidence in the promise of ABIM and the ABIM Foundation going forward.”

Cassel made the announcement more than a year in advance to assure a successful transition to new leadership. A team of ABIM and ABIM Foundation board members will launch a national search for a new President and CEO this summer.

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