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Periodically, changes in the medical evidence used to develop the PIM require ABIM to update the clinical, patient experience or systems-related questions or measures. ABIM has a standard process for evaluating new medical evidence and updating PIM content. PIM users are advised to answer all questions according to their current understanding of clinical principles and their practice. The measures in the PIM are not clinical guidelines and do not establish a medical standard. PIM users should exercise their clinical judgment in the care and treatment of patients.

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Practice Assessment

The practice assessment component of MOC provides you with various pathways to apply quality measurement to your practice and use the resulting data to improve care.

To meet MOC requirements, complete at least 20 practice assessment points every five years. Points can be earned in many ways, including completing ABIM PIMs Practice Improvement Modules® or through the Approved Quality Improvement (AQI) pathway.

ABIM PIMs are evidence-based Web tools that guide physicians through a review of patient data and support the implementation of and/or reporting on a quality-improvement (QI) plan for their practice.

  • Some PIMs include data collection tools, such as patient or peer surveys, and/or chart abstraction forms. (Note: Patient surveys completed as part of a PIM also count toward the patient voice requirement of MOC.)
  • Some PIMs allow you to enter aggregate data if you have access to quality data reports.

Is practice assessment new to you? Use our Practice Assessment Selector Tool to find the best activity for you.