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Complete requirements by 12/31/19 to avoid a change in certification status Expand/Collapse the ABIM alert.

Sign in to your Physician Portal to view any remaining requirements for the year. Not completing these requirements by 12/31/19 could result in a change to your certification status.

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Geriatric Medicine Certification Exam

Schedule Your Geriatric Medicine Certification Exam

To sit for the Geriatric Medicine Certification Exam:

If you are eligible to sit for the exam, you can schedule it through your Physician Portal during the open registration window. Test appointments are filled on a first-come, first-served basis by the test vendor, Pearson VUE.

How to schedule:

  1. Go to the My Exams page in your Physician Portal.
  2. Click on the green “Register” button next to the exam you wish to take.
  3. Complete the registration steps.
  4. Once you have completed the registration steps you will be routed to Pearson VUE’s site to schedule your appointment.
  5. To schedule your appointment you may also call Pearson VUE directly at 1-800-601-3549, Mon. - Fri., 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. CT. Provide the Pearson VUE representative with your ABIM ID. Please include “ABIM” in front of your ID number (i.e., ABIM999999) and confirm which exam you will be taking.

After scheduling:

  • You will receive a confirmation e-mail or fax message from Pearson VUE with the details of your assessment. Contact Pearson VUE if you do not receive this confirmation within a day of scheduling. If you do not receive a confirmation within one week, check your spam or blocking filter.
  • You will receive a reminder e-mail from ABIM two weeks prior to your exam date.

Before your exam date:

  • Familiarize yourself with ABIM's exam policies.
  • Read the current re-examination policy for ABIM Board Certification exams.
  • Complete the certification exam tutorial to prepare yourself for the test format.
  • Find out What to Expect on Exam Day.
  • A reminder email will be sent two weeks prior to your exam date.
  • ABIM strictly enforces registration deadlines without exception. Missed deadlines are not subject to appeal.
  • You are responsible for making your own travel and hotel reservations. Recommendations for overnight accommodations are not available from ABIM or the test vendor.

Exam Day Schedule

  • The Geriatric Medicine Certification Exam takes approximately 10 hours
  • The exam lasts one day and is divided into several sessions, each containing up to 60 multiple-choice questions
Action Time Allotted
Registration Varies
Tutorial Optional, up to 30 minutes
Instructions and Pledge of Honesty Up to 10 minutes
First Session Up to 2 hours (maximum 60 questions)
Break Optional, up to 100 minutes (divided between 3 breaks)*
Second Session Up to 2 hours (maximum 60 questions)
Break Optional, up to 100 minutes (divided between 3 breaks)*
Third Session Up to 2 hours (maximum 60 questions)
Break Optional, up to 100 minutes (divided between 3 breaks)*
Fourth Session Up to 2 hours (maximum 60 questions)
Optional Survey Up to 10 minutes
Total Approximately 10 hours

* You will have 100 minutes of available break time to use during your examination. The amount of break time you use after each test session will be subtracted from the amount of available break time. For instance, if you take a 10-minute break after session one, the amount of break time remaining for the exam will be reduced to 90 minutes.

Get more information on What to Expect on Exam Day.