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MOC What to Expect

About ABIM’s MOC Program

ABIM’s MOC program requires that you:

Earn points every 2 years by completing an activity (of any point value) to be reported as participating in MOC. Points earned will count toward your 100 MOC point requirement.

Earn 100 MOC points every 5 years to stay certified.

Pass an MOC assessment in 10 years, which can be the traditional, 10-year MOC exam, the Longitudinal Knowledge Assessment, or a Collaborative Maintenance Pathway assessment (available in cardiovascular disease and cardiology subspecialties).

MOC Comes in Many Forms.

You may be surprised to find some of your activities can be counted toward MOC and CME. There are many ways you can get credit for MOC for the work you’re already doing – for example, earning a subspecialty certification earns you 100 MOC points, enough to satisfy your 5-year requirement. You’ll also receive 20 MOC points for each year of fellowship you successfully complete. Additionally, some educational activities count for both CME and MOC.

You're a Part of Something Big!

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