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Request an Accommodation


The steps to apply and the documentation requirements in this section are intended to be limited to the minimum amount of information necessary for ABIM to determine whether a candidate is entitled to the requested testing accommodation.

Consistent with the requirements of the ADA, ABIM will consider all documentation submitted and recognizes that no one piece of evidence may be dispositive in making a testing accommodation determination. Therefore, if a candidate cannot provide results from a specific test or evaluation instrument, this may not necessarily preclude the candidate from receiving their requested accommodation, if the documentation otherwise provided by the candidate, in its entirety, is sufficient to demonstrate they have a qualifying disability and requires a testing accommodation. Supporting medical documentation is your responsibility and is prepared and obtained at your expense.

In ABIM's experience, the vast majority of testing accommodation requests supported by the documentation described herein can be reviewed in a timely manner and are granted.

Be sure to review the deadlines below and read the list of Common Testing Accommodations that have been requested and, if appropriate, granted by ABIM.

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Steps to Apply for an Accommodation

Step 1: Review the Accommodations section

All candidates should review the policies in their entirety to ensure that they understand their rights and obligations when requesting a testing accommodation.

In particular read the Common Forms of Accommodation that have been requested and, if appropriate, granted by ABIM.

Step 2: Complete the suggested documentation

Review and complete the suggested documentation for your accommodation:

Step 3: Submit your request by the registration deadline

Before the examination registration deadlines above, submit your written request and documentation to ABIM's Special Exams Coordinator:

Special Exams Coordinator
Telephone: 1-800-441-2246
E-mail: accommodations@abim.org

Step 4: ABIM will conduct an evaluation of your request and notify you in writing with a determination

Steps to Reapply for an Approved Accommodation

Request to apply an ABIM-approved accommodation to any ABIM exam:

To request the same accommodation for another exam, e-mail accommodations@abim.org with:

  • Name and contact information
  • Title and administration period of the ABIM exam(s) for which that accommodation was approved
  • Title of exam for which you are now seeking the accommodation
  • Description of the accommodation(s) previously received

You do not need to re-submit medical documentation of your need for the same accommodation on a future examination.

Request to apply an accommodation previously approved by another organization to an ABIM exam:

If you were previously approved for an accommodation by another organization similar to ABIM, you may be granted the same accommodation by ABIM. Candidates requesting such consideration should submit a written request for accommodation to the address above that includes:

  • Your completed request form (pdf)
  • A letter from the organization that administered the exam for which the candidate received the requested accommodation stating that the requested accommodation had been approved
  • A copy of all documentation sent to the other testing organization in support of the candidate's request

Deadlines for Accommodation Requests

All requests must be received by the deadline below:

Certification exam:

  • Summer Internal Medicine exam: April 28
  • Fall Subspecialty exams: June 28

Traditional MOC exam:

  • Spring MOC exams: Feb. 28
  • Fall MOC exams: Aug. 15

Longitudinal Knowledge Assessment:

  • Quarter 1: Feb. 28
  • Quarter 2: May 31

ABIM recommends submitting your requests as far in advance of the deadline as possible. Some requests involve a substantial investment of time to review if, for example, additional supporting documentation is needed and, once granted, to make the necessary arrangements.