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Reports for Subspecialty Program Directors

The American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) is updating the information it provides to subspecialty program directors related to the performance of their trainees on their subspecialty's Certification examination.

Our goal is to provide program directors with more meaningful and useful information that aligns with the feedback that is provided to trainees.

Exam Results

What is in this report?

The Exam Results table lists the reportable candidates that took the exam in the current year and their exam result (pass vs. fail).

A candidate is considered “reportable” if they:

  • Took the exam for the first time
  • Completed training in the current year or the year prior
  • Received their final evaluation of clinical competence from the individual program via FasTrack

Why is this report separate from the Program Director Report?

Based on a request from program directors to receive feedback from ABIM about how their trainees fared on ABIM Certification exams in a more timely fashion, ABIM now provides this information sooner, releasing candidates' exam results as close as possible to the release of individual scores.

Important Note

Subspecialty Exam Results are available via FasTrack in late winter. The more comprehensive Program Director Reports are available in early spring.

Program Director Report

What is in this report?

The Program Director Report provides aggregate data on how an individual program's trainees performed on the ABIM Certification examination. Each section of the report is described below.

The report has been enhanced to include the charts and data requested by program directors. ABIM provides this report later because it takes longer to produce due to the time needed to ensure all the aggregation and statistics are correct.

Important Note

Subspecialty Program Director Reports are available via FasTrack in early spring.

  1. Five-Year Rolling Pass Rates

    This section displays the five-year rolling pass rates for the individual program as well as all programs. Consistent with best practices in interpretation of small data sets, a five-year pass rate is only computed for a training program if the program had at least 10 reportable trainees over the five-year period.

  2. Exam Results

    This section is an updated version of the original exam results list that an individual program receives in late winter. It provides certification status and overall score on the exam for the program’s reportable trainees.

    In addition, this report indicates whether a trainee has authorized the release of their score report. If an individual chose to withhold their score report, their overall score will not be provided. This section is provided for all programs.

  3. Residents' Individual Score Reports

    This section provides an individual program's reportable residents' score reports. A score report is only provided if your trainee gave ABIM permission to release their scores.

Subspecialty Program Director Reports will be provided only to subspecialty program directors and coordinators. Internal medicine program directors and coordinators who wish to see these reports should speak directly to the subspecialty program directors.

Questions or concerns about Exam Results or Program Director Reports? Please call 1-800-441-ABIM (2246).